Hot Pork Scratchings
Served with a hot bramley apple dip

Scotch Smoked Salmon Parcels
Prawns & mayonaise wrapped with smoked salmon

Hand & Crown Crayfish Cocktail
Served with a warm baguette

Fried to crispy, served with a garlic mayo dip

Fishermans Basket
red mullet fillet king prawns & calamari in a crispy batter served with a sweet chilli dip

Red Mullet Fillet & chirizio salad
with croutons & topped with a duck egg

Freshly made Soup
For the day's soup selection with roll, please see the board when you visit

Welsh Rarebit
ature cheddar cheese, cider & mustard on hot butte

Mediterranean Garlic Bread
Garlic bread topped with cheese and grilled until golden

Brie & Leek Puff
Puff pastry filled with brie and a creamy leek sauce

Hot Mozza Melts
Deep fried battered mozzarella served with a barbecue chilli sauce

Garlic Mushrooms
Deep fried battered mushrooms served with garlic mayonnaise

Leek & Bacon Pasta
Served with garlic bread

Potato Skins
With crispy bacon and mozzarella cheese, served with salsa dip

Topped with chilli con carne and grilled cheese

Italian Chicken & Bacon Salad
Fried chicken & bacon on a crispy salad & topped with a vinaigrette dressing served with garlic bread

Apple, date & stilton salad
served with a warm baguette