Texan Chicken
Chicken in a hickory chilli bbq sauce

Chicken & Leek Pie
Chicken cooked in a creamy leek sauce, topped with puff pastry

Stuffed Chicken Breast
Chicken breast covered in batter, deep fried then stuffed with a sauce of mushrooms, king prawns & cream

Neapolitan Chicken Augratin
Sliced chicken breast served in a sauce of tomatoes, peppers garlic & white wine, topped with mozzarella and grilled until golden

Mediterranean Style Chicken & Spinach Pasta
Chicken breast sliced and cooked with spinach in a tomato & garlic sauce, served with garlic bread


Mustard Pork
Fillet of pork cooked in a sauce of English mustard & cream

Stir-Fry B.B.Q. Chilli Pork
Strips of pork fillet stir-fried with onions and peppers in a traditional texan hickory smoked chilli sauce

Fillet of Porc au Poivre
Pork fillet flame grilled and served with a sauce of brandy, black pepper & cream

Pork Strogonoff
Strips of pork fillet, onion, mushrooms & a touch of mustard finished with cream

All above served with a choice of chips, new potatoes, mash or rice, & fresh vegetables or side salad.

Loin of Pork
Served with bubble & squeek, stuffing & honey & mustard sauce


Lamb Loin Chops
Served with minted gravy, and a choice of mash, potatoes or rice and fresh vegetables or salad

Lambs Liver
Cooked with bacon and onions in a rich gravy served with mash & vegetables


B.B.Q. Chilli Beef
Strips of fillet steak, stir-fried with mushrooms, onions, peppers & b.b.q. chilli sauce to make a delicious sizzling dish, served with rice or french fries & salad

Beef Stroganoff
Fillet steak cut into strips, sauteed with onion, mushrooms, a touch of mustard & finished with cream, served with rice or french fries & salad

Western Style Chilli-con-Carne
Lean minced beef cooked with chilli, onion, red kidney beans and served with rice, tortilla chips & sour cream

Pasta Bolognese
Served with garlic bread


We source our steaks at Smithfields, which are char grilled to your choice, served with mushrooms, onion rings and french fries or potatoes, with salad or fresh vegetables. To enhance your steak, why not try one of our additions.

Cooked with mushrooms and onions, flamed in brandy finished in cream

B.B.Q. Chilli
A traditional Texan hickory smoked chilli sauce

Bills Beer Gravy

Pepper Sauce
A creamy pepper sauce

Garlic & Herb Butter

Garlic king prawns

British Classics

Sausage & Mash
Served in a rich red onion gravy

Hand & Crown Chicken Curry
Red & white onion cooked with chicken, coriander & spices to create a medium curry, rice & naan

Deep Fried Scampi
Breaded scampi tails, served with chips & peas

Catch of the Day
Please ask for todays fish cooked in our own batter, served with chips & peas

Hand & Crown Fish Pie
A classic mix of white fish, prawns cooked in a creamy sauce, served on mash, topped with puff pastry

Steak & Mushroom Pie
Steak cooked with mushrooms in a rich gravy topped with puff pastry

Steak pies served with a choice of chips, new pots, or mash & fresh vegetables or side salad.

Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetable Stroganoff
Vegetables cooked in a rich sauce of brandy & cream served with a salad with a salad & a choice of french fries or rice

Mediterranean Style Vegetable Pasta
Served with garlic bread

Ratatoille & Cheese Wellington
Courgettes, mushrooms & peppers cooked in a rich tomato sauce topped with mozzarella and puff pastry, served with a large dressed salad

Vegetable Pie
A mix of vegetables in a creamy leek sauce, topped with puff pastry served with a choice of french fries, pots or rice